Does your business have the correct fire safety signs?

Does your business have the correct fire safety signs?

All business premises need at least 2 or 3 fire safety signs but knowing exactly what fire exit signs your business needs on your property and why this is required can often be confusing.

With so many different signs and styles we have simplified and explained them so you can easily understand the differences and regulations behind them.

Fire exit keep clear sign on metal fence

What are the regulations of exit signs and where do you place them?

The signs need to conform to the BS 5499 Pt 4:2000 which meets the building regulations and the requirements of the 1996 Health and Safety – Safety Signs & Signals Regulations.

Every doorway, escape window and exit route which allows you to escape from a fire or emergency requires an exit sign according the UK Building Regulation requirements.

Wherever there is a perceived risk to the health and safety of employees, customers or the general public, fire exit signs must be in place. Your fire risk assessment will help you identify the high-risk areas which require signs and lower risk areas which do not require signs.


What types of fire exit signs can I use?

In buildings where the layout is complex, you must ensure that all of the exit routes are signed using the appropriate design, size and location of the sign. Directional arrows should be used wherever there is a risk that individuals would not be able to locate an exit if there was a fire.

Fire exit signs must be legible and clear all of the time. Sometimes emergency lighting is required so that the signs can be illuminated if the normal power supply fails.

The most important requirement of modern UK exit signs is that they all need to include a graphic symbol of a person moving through a doorway. Signs that do not include the required symbol and simply have words on them are no longer legal and must be updated.

The European standard logo is also accepted by UK fire regulations. This is slightly different to the British standard as it shows a separate moving person and a door symbol.

Fire door keep shut sign on wooden door

Are there any other signs required?

Every fire door and fire exit door must have a ‘Fire door, keep shut’ sign. Depending on the type of exits you have, you may also need signs to provide instructions on how to operate the door or indicate that a door opens automatically in an emergency.

Fire assembly points need to be situated away from the building and signposted clearly for individuals to find. You will also need to consider signs for people who have access requirements such as wheelchair users as they may require different routes.

Fire alarm call points must also be clearly signposted so that individuals can easily raise the alarm if they spot a fire. Every call point is required to have a sign.

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