Professional Waking Watch Services for Your Building's Fire Safety Needs

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Waking Watch

A waking watch is a fire safety measure required in a building that has moved from the Stay Put strategy to simultaneous evacuation due to fire safety failings on the premises. Trained personnel are stationed on-site to detect fires, provide sufficient warning to residents, and manage the evacuation if necessary. Waking watch staff also ensure that the building is free from fire hazards, and they report any concerns to the Responsible Person for the building.

The aim of the waking watch is to ensure residents have sufficient warning in the event of a fire to support the evacuation strategy.

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What we offer

Waking Watch support and Trained Staff

Fire Guard Services would provide the appropriate number of staff to do the following.

Waking Watch Services

Staff Training

Training will be given to staff to ensure they fully understand the purpose of their role and what individual tasks they are responsible for both during normal hours and in the event of a fire.

Identification of Staff

Staff will be clearly identified in high visibility clothing. The different roles (i.e. staff, team leaders) should be identified by the clothing or markings.

Fire Service Liaison

Liaise with the Fire Service on site as required.

Fire Detection

Detect a fire in the building

Fire Service Contact

Call the Fire Service in the event of a fire and provide key information about the building and it’s residents, some of whom could be vulnerable.

Evacuation Management

Manage the evacuation as necessary.

General Housekeeping

  • Remove any combustible items stored inappropriately.
  • Ensure that all fire-resisting doors are kept shut, and locked shut, where required (e.g. riser cupboard doors).
  • Provide reassurance to residents of the building.
  • Report any concerns to the Responsible Person for the building.

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Your Waking Watch Questions Answered

If your building has recently failed a fire risk assessment or you have been notified of problems during a fire service visit then please contact us immediately for us to put waking watch staff in place.

We also understand that business owners may have questions about the waking watch service. That’s why we’ve created this short FAQ to answer some of your questions.

A waking watch night worker is required when the presence of dangerous cladding or fire safety issues changes the evacuation policy of a building from stay put to simultaneous evacuation. This change requires fire marshals to patrol the building 24 hours a day looking for signs of fire.

The waking night worker is to remain awake at all times and remain fully available throughout the night to protect all residents and supervise vulnerable people such as children or the elderly or disabled and ensure the security of the property.

Waking watch is a system whereby suitably trained persons continually patrol all floors and the exterior perimeter of the building. The aim of a waking watch is to ensure there is sufficient warning in the event of fire to support the evacuation strategy