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Fire exit signage

Fire Signage

Fire Guard Services supply and install all types of fire safety signage:

○ Emergency escape routes

○ Location and identification of fire fighting equipment

○ Fire action instructions

○ Other warnings signs and mandatory information

Fire Exit Signs

A fire exit is a specific route that people should use to leave a building in the event of a fire. The Fire Precaution and Health and Safety at Work Regulations and Legislation recommends that people should be able to easily identify the nearest safe escape route from anywhere on the premises.

Pictures say it better than words in this situation. Using fire signage, in the appropriate places can contribute to an effective fire safety management policy.

Fire Extinguisher Sign

Fire Extinguisher Identification Signs

The Fire Precaution and Health and Safety at Work Regulations and Legislation recommends that all fire fighting appliances are clearly marked, and that they are easily accessible at all times. Clear fire signage can guarantee that you are compliant.

All employees should be trained to be able to identify the contents of extinguishers and the type of fires they are appropriate for. Again, clear fire signage can help to educate staff.

Fire Fighting Equipment Sign

Fire Fighting Equipment Location Signs

These fire equipment signs inform staff of the location of fire fighting equipment.

These signs are clearly marked and are essential to enable staff to identify the whereabouts of their fire fighting equipment.

Hazard Sign

Hazard Warning and Information Signs

Sited in the correct positions, these hazard warning and information signs can help employers create a safer working environment, by clearly highlighting potential risks, restricted areas and forbidden and restricted activities.

Fire Guard Services can provide you with a full survey report to ensure your are in compliance with all relevant fire safety legislation.