Emergency Lighting Services

Fire Guard Services supply, install, commission, service and maintain emergency lighting equipment under the British Standards Code of Practices for Emergency Lighting (BS 5266-1:2016).

Emergency lighting is designed to come on when the power supply to the normal lighting provision fails or when the power supply to the building is cut off. Emergency lights are self-contained units wired to the mains that have a separate battery pack attached. This allows the lights to be powered in the event of a power failure. Emergency lighting uses high-intensity brightness that is focused towards a fire exit. The lights are generally low voltage, to conserve the longevity of the batteries and the bulbs.

Emergency Lighting Systems to Fit Your Company Decor

Fire Guard Services have a range of emergency lighting systems available that can match the aesthetic style and decoration of modern buildings, without compromising on fire safety and functionality.

It is standard procedure in virtually all public buildings to have a commercial emergency lighting system fitted.

Emergency lighting should be incorporated into your fire safety plan. If you are unsure of the fire safety solutions you require, we can carry out a fire risk assessment to draw your attention to flaws in the plan, along with suggested remedial actions, including fire safety staff training.

Types of Emergency Light System Installations

Emergency Escape Lighting

A lighting system that provides illumination for the safe evacuation of people. This is part of the fire safety provision of a building and a legal requirement under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Standby Lighting

Part of the emergency lighting system that enables normal activities to continue unchanged. Standby lighting is not a legal requirement and may or may not be required, depending upon the use of the premises

Emergency escape lighting has three sub-divisions, as follows:

✓  Escape route lighting – part of an emergency lighting system that ensures a means of escape can be identified and safely used by occupants.

✓  Open area lighting (also known as ‘anti-panic’ lighting) – part of an emergency lighting system that helps minimise panic and provides sufficient illumination to help occupants reach a part of the building where an escape route can be found.

✓  High risk task area lighting – part of an emergency lighting system that provides illumination for the safety of people involved in a dangerous process or situation. This enables proper building shut-down procedures to be followed, for the safety of both operators and occupants.

Emergency Light Servicing and Maintenance

Under the British Standards code of practice for emergency lighting (BS 5266), lighting must be regularly maintained to ensure it’s in fully working order.

A service must be carried out annually, however we recommend this is done every six months and is carried out alongside your fire alarm service.  This involves a one and a half to three hour duration drain down which tests the functionality of the emergency lighting. The service also  includes:

  • Inspection of every unit for damage
  • Ensuring LED indicators illuminate and are in perfect working order
  • Checking that the correct level of illumination upon activation
  • Checking the correct amount of light  is being produced
  • Ensuring test key switches are in perfect working order
  • If key switches are not present: the consumer unit breaker will be switched off and tested

If remedial work s are required, a defect sheet is produced. Our engineers can replace any failed components, or install new units, as needed.

Fire Safety Accreditations and Experience

Our engineers have the following accreditations, experience and association memberships:


IOSH (Institute of Occupational Safety & Health) qualified


FPA (Fire Protection Association) qualified risk assessors


IFE (Institute of Fire Engineers) members

The British Fire Consortium - link to The British Fire Consortium website

Members of the British Fire Consortium

Alcumus Safe Contractor

Alcumus SafeContractor accredited


10+ years Fire Brigade experience

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