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Smoke detectors and fire alarms are not the same, though they do work together.

A smoke detector will sense smoke and sound an alarm in the area where there is smoke. They are responsible for picking up smoke, but not necessarily heat or carbon monoxide.

A fire alarm is responsible for raising a wider alarm and prompting the whole building to take action. It is usually triggered by a smoke detector, or can be triggered manually, and will sound an alarm in the entire premises.

Both smoke detectors and fire alarms must be installed correctly and tested regularly to ensure your business is protected.

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Smoke Detectors Save Lives

Every year the Fire and Rescue Service is called to over 600,000 fires which result in over 800 deaths and over 17,000 injuries.

It’s best practice to have smoke detectors installed on each level of your premises, especially in areas that are at a higher fire risk – for example, kitchens, rooms with fireplaces or electric heaters, or server rooms.

What are Smoke Detectors?

What we offer

Smoke Detector servicing and maintenance

When properly installed and maintained, smoke detectors could give you those precious few extra minutes in which to make your escape safely.

Let Fire Guard Services install and maintain your smoke detectors and alarms. We offer fully comprehensive services, starting with an initial consultation including a survey, and then keeping you fully informed throughout the whole process.

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Your Smoke Detector Questions Answered

Smoke detectors are an essential part of any fire safety system and must be tested regularly in order to comply with legal requirements and to ensure they are working correctly.

We also understand that business owners may have questions about how their smoke detectors. That’s why we’ve created this short FAQ to answer some of your questions.

Whether you choose to go with a hard-wired system or an interconnected system, your smoke detector installation should be completed by a qualified electrician. A professional will ensure that the job is done right the first time in accordance with regulations and standards.

Alarms should be sited on the ceiling, as centrally as possible within the room/area they are installed. Site 300mm from walls, light fittings or any obstructions – this is to ensure that they are outside of any 'dead air' spaces that occur in corners and spaces where the airflow may be blocked.