5 Things You Need to Know If Your Building Has a Lightning Conductor

Purple lightning in sky over sea

Lightning conductors are used to protect three things: The structure of the building The people in and around the building Electrical equipment in the building or connected to the power supplies With this in mind, here are five things you must know, to ensure your lightning conductor is safe. Maintain System to Prevent “Flash-Over” If…

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Carbon Monoxide – Would Your Building Detect The Silent Killer?

Nozzle and fire gas boiler close-up

According to The London Fire Brigade, many people are unaware of the risks posed by carbon monoxide (CO). Only around 15% of people have a CO alarm, compared to 90% of people who have a smoke alarm. What is carbon monoxide? CO is a dangerous and ‘silent killer’ due to it being an odourless and colourless…

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Fire Safety Risks in Cafes, Restaurants & Takeaways

Cafe Break Coffee Drinking Meeting Resting Concept

Running a successful café, restaurant, or takeaway means juggling the everyday demands that these commercial establishments bring. For any food-based outlet, fire safety and protection must be a top priority for the owner of the business. As any experienced restaurateur knows, fires in commercial kitchens are a common occurrence and can incur serious costs, to…

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Are all of your staff fire safety trained?

Row of fire extinguisher during training basic fire fighting

In an emergency situation, the actions of any one person are likely to impact others around them. That’s why it’s important for all of your employees to have up to date knowledge on how to act in the event of a fire. So, what do my employees need to know about fire safety? Firstly, all…

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Tower Blocks Fire Safety – Preventing Fire & Protecting Residents

Grey building with spiral fire escape stairs

Fire safety in tower blocks is extremely important as the effects of a fire engulfing multiple floors can be devastating. When the conditions are right and poor quality building materials have been used, that don’t meet building standards, fire can rapidly spread and completely destroy an entire building. This can result in many casualties –…

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7 Important Checks – Fire Safety in Care Homes

Old person with carer

Fire safety is crucial in care homes where vulnerable occupants live. The emergency evacuation procedure of a care home needs to be carefully planned for occupants who are less mobile and unable to evacuate the building without assistance. At night in an emergency, this can be particularly difficult because often there are less carers working…

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Is your place of work safe from common causes of fire?

Melted pc from fire

Fire Guard Services have been in the fire safety and prevention industry for over 20 years and have helped hundreds of business owners and their employees by giving them the life-saving knowledge on fire safety with our fire safety training courses. Unfortunately, every now and again, our IOSH qualified Fire Risk Assessors come across some…

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Are you compliant with the Fire Safety Order?

Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order - document

Fire Guard Services Ltd have been promoting fire safety, ever since the birth of the company. The Fire Safety Order 2005 has forced business owners to make sure that they have taken reasonable steps to reduce the risk from fire and to ensure that people can escape the premises safely if a fire was to…

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Are your premises safe from potential fire hazards?

Man signing a document on clipboard

Ensuring the safety of your premises and colleagues from a fire is an important step that must be taken when running a business, no matter the size and scale. Our customers quite often inform us that having a fire risk assessment and ensuring it is up to date can be time consuming and costly. However,…

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