Why it’s important to plan your Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan (FEEP)

Why it’s important to plan your Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan (FEEP)

A fire can occur at any time, in any place, and can put the lives of you and the people around you at risk. However, in a lot of cases, people don't completely understand what to do if a fire does occur.

Planning out a Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan (or FEEP) is one of the most important actions a business can take, no matter what size your business is or what sector your business deals in, because doing this could ultimately be the difference between life and death in your workplace if a a serious fire takes place.

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A Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan is a document detailing what actions should be carried out in the case of a fire. The document should be specifically tailored to suit your business type and premises. Things such as the type of work that is carried out in the workplace, the amount of staff within the building and the type and size of the building that you work in should all be taken into account when writing your FEEP.

There can be a massive difference in the way that a small industrial unit or a small retail store is evacuated compared to a large building or large warehouse full of workers. A well thought out and tailored FEEP will assure you and your business that if a fatal fire does take place in your premises, that you have a contingency plan in place which allows you to evacuate the building in a swift, safe and efficient manner.

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