Smoke Detector Services

Having a smoke detector in your premises could help save your home and the lives of you and your family.

Every year the Fire and Rescue Service is called to over 600,000 fires which result in over 800 deaths and over 17,000 injuries.

About 50,000 (140 a day) of these are in the home and kill nearly 500 and injure 11,000, many of which could have been prevented if people had an early warning and were able to get out in time. In fact, you are twice as likely to die in a house fire that has no smoke detector or alarm than in a house that does.

What are Smoke Detectors?

Smoke detectors are self-contained devices that incorporate a means of detecting a fire and giving a warning (alarm). They are about the size of a hand and are normally fitted to the ceiling.

They can detect fires in their early stages and give you those precious minutes to enable you and your family to leave your house in safety.

Let us Install and Maintain Your Smoke Detectors

When properly installed and maintained, smoke detectors could give you those precious few extra minutes in which to make your escape safely.

Let Fire Guard Services install and maintain your smoke detectors and alarms. We offer fully comprehensive services, starting with an initial consultation including a survey, and then keeping you fully informed throughout the whole process. Keep your family secure with the very best smoke detector configuration.