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Fire Extinguisher Services

Fire Extinguishers - CO2, Water and Powder

Fire Extinguisher Services

Fire Extinguishers are a basic requirement in all business and residential buildings. They are used to control or extinguish small fires. It is important that extinguishers are correctly positioned and easy to access in the event of an emergency.

Fire Guard Services provide quality advice and fire extinguisher services throughout the South of England.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

It is a legal requirement to carry out annual checks for safety but these can be done on a more regular basis to suit your requirements. If you have any concerns regarding the fire extinguishers at your premises, please contact us and our team of professionals will be happy to advise you.

Fire Extinguishers Supplied by Fire Guard Services Comply With All Government and Industry Standards

Every fire extinguisher we supply has been manufactured and tested under an ISO 9002 Quality System and accredited by B.S.I. All of our installation and maintenance services are carried out in accordance with British Standards BS 5306 part 3: 2003, and BS 5306 part 8: 2000.

For more information on fire extinguishers and the fire protection services we supply, simply request a call back by one of our professional engineers and we will be happy to guide you through your requirements.