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Fire doors are an essential element of any building's fire safety system, and as of the 23rd January 2023, it is mandatory for all managers of residential properties over 11m to meet their obligations under The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 in relation to fire doors. Fire doors are specially designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke and to protect the occupants of a building during a fire emergency.

Fire doors must be regularly maintained and tested to ensure they are in good working order.

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Fire Door Audits and certification

As of the 23rd January 2023, all managers of residential property over 11m must meet their obligations under The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 in relation to fire doors

Regular inspections and testing of fire doors can help to identify any issues and address them promptly to maintain the safety of the building's occupants.

New Rules - Janurary 2023

Closed & Sealed

All fire doors should be kept shut and must not be damaged or altered in any way that would allow fire to travel through them or degrade faster than regulations require – 30 minutes for a FD30 door or 60 minutes for a FD60 door.

Floor Plans

Residential buildings over 18m must have a secure information box containing floor plans. The information box should also include the location of any on-site fire equipment (wet and dry risers, smoke control systems, suppression systems) and be in a secure but accessible location. The box should also contain the contact details for the ‘Responsible Person’.

Clear Markings

For a residential building over seven storeys or 18m high, the building must contain clear markings of floor number identification, identification of domestic premises and fire evacuation instructions.

Responsible Person

The ‘Responsible Person’ as mentioned in the regulations could be the freeholder, a property management company, a block manager, a chair of a residence association or a letting agent.


There should be no damage to self-closing devices on the doors.

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Your Fire Door Questions Answered

Fire doors are an essential part of any fire safety system and must be inspected regularly in order to comply with legal requirements and to ensure they are fit for purpose.

We also understand that property managers may have questions about fire door audits. That’s why we’ve created this short FAQ to answer some of your questions.

Fire door inspection simply means that we check all your fire doors on-site to ensure they are safe, compliant and effective against protecting occupants against smoke and flame in the event of a fire.

Though the BWF-CERTFIRE Best Practice Guide suggests every 6 months, we believe that a risk-assessed approach is also appropriate for many.

A Responsible Person should consider: if there has been any alterations or damage to a door's glazing apertures or air transfer grille; if there are any gaps around the door frame and that seals and hinges are fitted correctly; that the door closer shuts the door.