Training and Resources

Fire safety is not one person’s responsibility, it is everyone’s responsibility.

According to government guidance, all employees should receive basic fire safety training when joining a new business. It is also recommended that the training be repeated every 6-12 months to stay relevant. 

You should also train a few responsible members of staff as fire wardens, to make emergency evacuations run smoothly. As a general guide, 10% of your staff should be trained as fire wardens or marshals. The law requires that for businesses with fewer than 20 employees, there is at least one fire warden. For businesses with 20-75 employees, there should be at least two fire wardens. For every additional 75 employees, one additional fire warden will be needed.  

Here at Fire Guard Services, we provide various forms of training to suit different needs.

Practical Fire Safety Training

A practical fire safety training course is in no doubt the most effective form of training that best prepares your staff for a real world fire situation. As opposed to online training which is often too generalised, a practical training course features personal delivery, practical demonstration and tailor-made content that suits your business, staff and premises.

Here at Fire Guard Services, we provide two types of practical fire safety training, all demonstrated by ex-firefighter instructors.

Fire Warden/Marshal Training

A comprehensive and extensive course with a fire warden certificate issued upon completion of the course, course content include: 

Fire Safety Staff Training

A professional fire safety staff training to educate your staff in the following areas: