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Emergency Lighting

Fire exit emergency lighting

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is designed to come on when power to the building is cut off. They are self-contained units which are wired to the mains but have a separate battery pack attached, which would then power the lights in the event of a power outage.

Emergency lighting uses high-intensity brightness which is often focused towards a fire exit. The lights are generally low voltage, for longevity of the batteries and the bulbs themselves.

Emergency Lighting Supplied to Fit Your Company Decor

Fire Guard Services have a range of emergency lights available as in recent years the style has leaned in a more decorative direction, to fit in with modern buildings and designs to provide aesthetics as well as functionality.
It is standard procedure in virtually all public and business buildings to have an emergency lighting system fitted in the event of fire or loss of power.

Emergency lighting should be incorporated into your fire safety plan. If you are unsure of the products you need, be it fire alarms or fire extinguishers, we can provide you with a fire risk assessment and fire safety staff training.

Emergency Light Installation

Established in 1994, our reputation has grown through our friendly and efficient service. We are one of the leading industries in fire protection and fire safety services in Herts, Beds and Bucks.

At Fire Guard Services, your safety is our priority. Our engineers are trained to the highest standard to certify your emergency lighting system will work properly in the event of an emergency.

Servicing Recommendations

Under the code of practice for emergency lighting (BS 5266 and BS 5588), lighting must be regularly serviced and maintained to ensure it is in fully working order.

We recommend a service every six months, however yearly checks can also be arranged.