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Customer Care Policy Statement & Standards

Customer Care Policy Statement & Standards

Whenever customers have contact with Fire Guard Services, they will receive consistently high standards of customer service.   We are committed to ensuring that customer service excellence is an integral part of the planning, resourcing, and delivery of our services.

Policy Statement

As an organisation we will be:

Helpful and courteous in delivering high quality services.

Professional and positive in our approach, taking pride in what we do.

Well informed, so that our customers know what they can expect from us.

Effective in listening to customers when they express dissatisfaction or complain.

What is Customer Care and Why is it Important?

Customer care means:

Providing a good quality service in a friendly, efficient and helpful way.

Treating other people how they would like to be treated.

Why do we need customer care standards? Apart from the common sense business approach stated above there are other good reasons for adopting customer care standards. Customer care standards set out the expectations on our employees in their work, and ensure that we become and remain a customer-focussed organisation.

Poor customer care is expensive – it loses customers, potential and existing clients and hard- fought reputations.

How do we Maintain our Customer Care Policy?

The development of our Customer Care Policy is an important part of our Human Resource Strategy, which aims to ensure that our workforce can organise and deliver quality services. This is delivered by:

Focusing on service priorities

Reshaping our organisation on a regular basis

Developing our skills and performance

Improving internal and external communication

How will we Measure our Success?

We monitor our performance through self-assessment and through receiving feedback from internal and external inspections.