Health & Safety Services



From entrepreneurial new beginnings with under 5 employees to organisations wanting to take a step up to the next league, we walk alongside you, protecting and promoting your business.

What do we offer?

Health and safety audits and surveys, risk assessments, training and all ongoing support and advice, whatever the weather.  We help with specific situations which have already happened, mitigating damage and preventing further losses.  We help you plan and budget for the future with the clear vision of making health and safety a low cost part of your business success, not just a necessary add on.  We help you with procurement processes from receiving that enormous questionnaire to getting approval in safety schemes and your presentations to clients.

Why us?

Our team comprises poachers and gamekeepers with many years’ experience having been given the unenviable task of ‘sorting health and safety out’ and as auditors and consultants knowing the many requirements with which businesses struggle to comply.  We know how it feels to be faced with a long list of recommendations, little budget and the worry of ‘something happening.’  We know the short cuts and behaviours which drive people to have accidents and we know the law which must be implemented regardless.

We match your business needs with legislative requirements and that means helping you implement lower cost and practical solutions set out in achievable short, medium and long term plans so you can demonstrate a commitment to compliance even when everything isn’t in place.

We’re different because we help you equip your staff to put their own health and safety first which as we said, automatically ensures quality performance.  They are proud ambassadors of your business:  slick, competent and efficient and that means a much lower risk of injury or ill health and all the resultant costs, loss of reputation, media coverage, and investigation – you know the score.

Health and safety is an expensive cost, how can Fire Guard Services benefit my business? 

How long have you got?

Good health and safety systems naturally bring high quality, which means fewer financial worries and a higher profile reputation – your USP is everything for longevity, especially in competitive or unstable markets.  Being slick, competent and efficient will consistently bring you business when times are hard – helping you reduce the need to keep entering cut throat competition to stay afloat.

Your staff are your business – everything they say and everything they do reflects your business position.   We help you look after them and in turn protect and promote your future.

Fire Guard Services – making you different from all the rest.