PAT Testing Bedfordshire

PAT Testing in Bedfordshire and surrounding areas

Many people underestimate the risks that electricity can pose. From a small shock to certain death, electricity is very unpredictable. Therefore it’s incredibly important to adhere to fire safety training and measures which have been introduced to minimise the risk of injury and death from electricity.

The number of electronic appliances and gadgets in our homes further increase the risk of fire from electricity. If a socket is overloaded, which is easily done if the TV, DVD player, games console, television box, lamp, PC tower, monitor and stereo system are all plugged into one extension, the risk of fire is massively increased.

PAT Testing

In addition, 25% of all reported electrical accidents involve portable appliances. The number is sure to increase if it was able to determine the number of imported foreign appliances which haven’t been tested to regulatory standards versus the appliances which have been PAT tested.

Portable Appliance Testing

PAT testing is the examination and inspecting of electrical devices to ensure they’re safe to use. Employers are legally obliged to ensure that devices are safe to use, and this in turn involves regular inspection maintenance and if necessary, repair of devices.

All devices purchased legally in the UK have been tested to a high standard and are generally safe to use without inspection. However, it is wise to check that there are no internal wires visible and that the connection between the wire and the appliance is reasonably tight. Exposed wires pose an increased risk of fire or electrocution.

Fire Guard Services provide PAT testing in Bedfordshire. PAT testing is an easy way for companies with a large amount of electrical equipment to get it tested in one go by certified professionals.

For PAT testing in Bedfordshire, Fire Guard Services are all you need. Our engineers are qualified to the highest standard to ensure that you and your employees aren’t in danger from your electrical appliances.

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