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Did you know that the first modern fire alarm was actually invented by accident? Swiss physicist Walter Jaeger tried to invent a detector for poison gas. When his device failed, he angrily lit up a cigarette, and the smoke was detected by his device. Hence, the modern fire alarm was born.

Though the device has changed rather a lot since the 1930s, the concept is still the same: the quicker you detect fire, the longer you have to evacuate the premises and survive.

Statistics show that the number of fatalities as a result of fire decreased in the period of April 2011-2012, implying that fire safety awareness is on the increase. While smoke alarms are a pretty standard feature in the home, businesses and companies with more than five members of staff are legally obliged to have correct fire alarms installed and maintained regularly. Fire Guard Services provide everything you need to maintain the safe and effective working order of your fire alarms, providing the best possible safety for you and your employees.

Fire Alarms London

Fire Alarm Installation

Here at Fire Guard Services, we have been fitting fire alarms in London and the surrounding areas for many years. We never underestimate the potential of these simple devices, and ensure that they’re strategically placed to maximise coverage and efficiency. We provide maintenance for fire alarms in London and beyond, ensuring that your business is complying with all regulatory guidelines and procedures.

All of our fire alarms, London-wide and beyond are commissioned to the highest standard and comply with all current guidelines and legislation. We believe that safety and lives cannot be compromised!

Our engineers are completely up-to-date with regards to fire alarm standards and safety, and are happy to provide advice and guidance about anything you may need. If you would like any more information about our fire alarms, maintenance and installation, or if you’d simply like some advice, please give us a call.

Fire Guard Services work in and around the London area including St. Albans and Herts providing fire extinguishers, emergency lighting and much more.